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Young Painter

How I work

Psychoanalytic psychotherapists are trained to carefully observe a child or young person's communications through their behaviour, play, artistic and verbal expression. Children and adolescents are given toys and/or creative materials to help them to express themselves as it can be difficult to put thoughts and feelings into words. The way the child or young person relates to his or her therapist is an important aspect of working together and trust needs to be established before meaningful emotional work can begin. Thus, in accordance with the Association of Child Psychotherapist's ethical code of conduct, individual psychotherapy sessions are confidential to the child/young person with the exception of child protection concerns and risk of deliberate self harm and suicide. The context of a trusting therapeutic relationship enables the child/young person to feel able to express their thoughts and feelings. By exploring the meaning of these thoughts and feelings with the child/young person, the psychotherapist helps the child/young person make sense of their experience, develop a better understanding of themselves and build greater emotional resilience.


Practical Information

All new clients are seen for an initial assessment consultation (1 hour 40 minutes) to understand the referral reasons, gather essential background information and plan the therapeutic approach.

If individual psychotherapy seems like the best approach, I will undertake an Assessment for Psychotherapy with children and adolescents which consists of 3 individual psychotherapy sessions followed by a review meeting with parents. The assessment allows me to get to know the child/young person (and vice versa), learn what their concerns are, and assess whether they are likely to benefit from psychoanalytic psychotherapy. During the review meeting, I feedback from the assessment and recommend whether to continue with ongoing weekly psychotherapy. I offer termly review meetings with parents to discuss progress.


Psychotherapy is offered termly with breaks in line with school holidays. 

Psychotherapy sessions and review meetings are for 50 minutes and cost £70 per session. 

Initial assessment consultations are 1 hour 40 minutes and cost £140.

I have a 24 hour cancellation policy which means that cancellations within 24 hours of the appointment time will incur the full appointment fee.


All therapy sessions are confidential, with the exception of child safeguarding concerns, in which case appropriate child protection measures will be taken according to government guidelines.  

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