Psychoanalytic psychotherapy for parents provides emotional support for parents without their children present. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy can be especially beneficial to:


  • parents with children with challenging behaviour

  • parents with children with chronic illness, special needs and mental health needs

  • parents who have experienced bereavement

  • foster and adoptive parents

  • parents (including expecting parents) experiencing mental health issues such as depression and anxiety 


Psychoanalytic psychotherapy for parents encompasses the parents as individuals, their role as parents, the parent couple and understanding their children. In consultation with parents, psychoanalytic psychotherapists use their expertise in child development and understanding the underlying communications of children to help parents make sense of their child/adolescents' behaviour and enable parents to strengthen their relationships with their children. Parent work also provides parents with an opportunity to work through unresolved issues from childhood which may be impacting on their present parenting capacity.  

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy for Parents

psychotherapy parents
psychoanalytic psychotherapy for parents

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