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Parent Work

Psychoanalytic Parent Work sessions provide emotional support for parents and a space to think about how to approach their child/young person therapeutically at home. Parent work can be especially beneficial to:


  • parents with children and young people with challenging behaviour 

  • parents with children with chronic illness, special needs and mental health needs

  • parents who have experienced bereavement including miscarriage

  • foster and adoptive parents as well as kinship carers.


Parent work focuses on the parents' experiences with their child/young person and aims to build understanding of their child/young person and how to approach them therapeutically, thereby improving the parent-child relationship. Parent work also provides parents with an opportunity to explore how their experience of being parented may impact on their present parenting capacity.  

Life coaching


Parent-Infant Psychotherapy


Becoming a parent can be one of life's biggest challenges as well as one of life's greatest rewards. Parent-infant psychotherapy can support parents and their infant through difficulties with:


  • sleeping

  • feeding

  • excessive crying

  • growth and development

  • bonding

Parents who have experienced traumatic birth, bereavement, miscarriage, anxiety and depression may also benefit from parent-infant psychotherapy. 
Parent-infant psychotherapy can be particularly helpful for mothers with post-natal depression (and pregnant mothers with depression) as it provides confidential emotional support and an opportunity to process thoughts and feelings that may be impacting on the developing mother-infant relationship. 

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